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Wedding Photography 


Photographing a wedding holds a special place in my heart!

“Candace is an incredible photographer!  

She was very personal and  professional as she captured all the special moments of our wedding. The photos are amazing and we could not be happier with the quality of work she did for us. She genuinely and intentionally cared for us on our big day!”  —  Kaydee & Keith

The passion and beauty of such a special day takes me away every time. We are Arizona Wedding Photography.

 While simply attending a wedding is a privilege, I love the intimate part I play in a couple’s most sacred day when I am the lucky photographer.

 I get a front row seat to all the emotion, and am able to capture it through portraiture and photojournalism for the bride and groom to share, remember and cherish for all their lives.

We photograph every wedding with a second photographer so the moments of your day are captured from two different perspectives.  

One photographer focuses on creating artistic portraits, while the other is a photojournalist for the day, searching out all the little moments that make your day memorable.

I’d love to have the opportunity to meet with you and talk about your wedding day photography. 

Please call me at 480-603-7865 or email: Candace@cgphotoanddesign.com if you have any questions about our wedding photography or would like to set up an appointment.

Please enjoy the slide show below of our wedding photography and life style images.

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